12 Habits That Are Helping Me To “Live My Best Life” by Ashlee Rene'

These days I’m finding it very important to be more deliberate in the choices that I make in every day. And while every day comes with it’s own twists and turns, by doing these twelve things regularly I find that I’m establishing more steadiness. By no means do I do all twelve perfectly, everyday, but I do set a daily intention to do most of them most days,

Here are twelve habits that are improving my life on a daily basis:

  1. Getting up early

  2. Meditating

  3. Journaling

  4. Drinking lots of water

  5. Stretching regularly

  6. Exercising regularly

  7. Eating a balanced diet

  8. Drinking a warm cup of tea

  9. Taking a soak in the tub

  10. Taking media breaks

  11. Reading

  12. Getting lots of sleep…more napping

Doing more of these things on a regular basis has been improving my life tremendously. The habits have caused such an emotional shift within me. I feel lighter and free-er. I feel more clear minded and appreciative of my life. I feel good in my body and in my mind.

I always said, “Time is going to pass me by anyway, so I may as well be doing something.” So now I fill up a lot of my idle time with these habits. My life has been so much better for it and I’m so excited about it that I want to share with you guys. Continue to focus on pointing yourself toward things that enhance your life experience by making you feel good! We all deserve to live our best lives!

I hope you guys found some value in this post! What are some habits you do on a daily basis that have improved your life? Share in the comments below. Thank for reading! See y’all in the next post!

True Freedom by alh

One doesn’t have to be physically behind bars to be incarcerated. Many are imprisoned in their minds. As humans, we all experience some type of negative emotion that incaptivates us until we decide to reach for our freedom. Freedom is our birthright. To be free in your mind is the best feeling in the world.

To know that we are not our circumstances and that in every situation we have the capacity to think independent of whatever we’re going through. We all have power over our mind. We have the power to direct our thoughts. Higher thoughts are always available to us, all you have to do is tune into the frequency. Once I began practicing a more positive way of thinking, the chains of pain began to break. Confusion began to become clarity. Clarity is the best feeling ever. No matter if I’m standing in a circumstance or event that is unwanted, I now know that I can choose my thoughts about it.

Freedom of the mind is true freedom, and that is something that no one can take from you. Create better habits of thought, you deserve to harmonize with the true nature of your being, which IS freedom.

What You Focus On EXPANDS by alh

Life is truly all about focus. Whatever you focus on expands. Observation and focus are two things we can’t escape doing as human beings. But, when you begin to realize that what you give your attention to expands, you become mindful about how you focus your attention. 

I’ve come to realize that focus is so powerful. Focus molds the days of my life. When I began deliberately focusing on positivity more of the time, it’s like filters lifted off of my eyes. I began to focus on things that are going well in my life instead of giving so much attention to things I thought were going wrong. Just in that shift of perspective, more things are going well than I’ve ever given attention to before. 

There’s an overall well-being that abounds in the Universe. No matter what, I’ve come to know that well-being is the dominant nature of our being. There’s always more that’s going right than wrong. When we appreciate and praise the rightness of who we are, life feels how it’s supposed to feel...GOOD! 

Today, acknowledge five things that you are thankful for and give those things your undivided attention. Begin to see the blessed being that you are. Acknowledge the good and watch it expand!

You Can Not Pour From An Empty Cup by alh

When on an airplane before take off, the attendants go over the safety precautions in case of emergency. As they go through the guidelines of the oxygen mask, passengers are told to put their masks on first and then assist the others around them who may need it. Just as a passenger is directed to take care of their masks first, is the same way one should take care of and put themselves first in life. 

Throughout life it is easy to yield to the demands of others around us, but unless the situation suits both parties the act becomes one sided and ultimately drains the giver. It is important to care about yourself first. One thing is for sure, you can not pour from an empty cup. It’s okay by all means to support others, but only if you feel fulfilled in the process.

Selfishness has come to take on such an ugly face, but really, there is no other way to live but by one’s own self-perspective. It is only right that a person give of themselves only when they are full, otherwise they’re really not giving much anyway. Giving to another from a place of emptiness ultimately leads to feelings of sacrificing oneself and resentment towards others. It is imperative that one take care of themselves FIRST and then they’ll have plenty to give another.

Same Old, Same Old by alh

I am learning to love and accept change! I realize that I have no choice but to accept that innately I will always want change and that change is good. Change is happening all of the time anyway! Change is the inevitable. 

Everyday is new, unless you choose to look at it as the “same old, same old”. Because life is always changing, and nothing stands still; how could life ever be... “same old, same old”? Life changed and is always changing. However, when I THINK that it’s the same, it’ll only keep changing to more of the “same old, same old”. I may even experience new places, new faces, but the essence of the experience will be the... “same old, same old”.

NOW, I’m learning to approach my life differently. I wake up and acknowledge that “today is a new day, I am new in this day, I am focused, I am confident, I am tuned to who I am and I’m ready for this good day!” Doing this has brought an amplification of things going well in my life. And while there is human tendency to be a little off on days, I’m becoming more steady in my alignment. When I think negatively, I do my best to reach for thoughts that feel better. I acknowledge that things are always working out for me, even when thoughts of doubt try to seep in. Thinking about the positive, future probabilities of my life and where I am going is way better than thinking that I’m ever standing still.


As my ‘Auntie’ Oprah would ask, “What is the one thing that you know for sure?” ... What I know for sure is that change is always happening, nothing stands still. Therefore, acknowledging and appreciating the subtle changes that each new day brings, brings about more things to appreciate. Ignoring the newness will cause you to perceive life as the “same old, same old”. So live life and be eager for every new day and be thankful for the freshness that comes with it. 

Isn’t it nice to know that change is good?!